Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ako Po si Sister Stabenow :)

(this picture is me in front of our residence hall)

Magandang Hapon!

No floods to report this week :) well, maybe a different kind of flood- LOTS of missionaries coming in here tomorrow! I am SO excited for Jaden to be coming here! I screamed a little when I got her letter saying that she is coming. More awesome things about this week- I got the cookies that Alyssa and Karina sent, they were so so so good, my district loved them! And Mom, we loved the caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels that you sent too- they didn't last too long cause everyone loved them. I think my district likes it when I get packages :) Thanks for sending me everything! Thanks Dad for the note with my package :) glad to hear that Disneyland was fun! I loved getting the pictures too. I love the pictures of Alyssa and Michael, and of Kelsey and Dad and their birthday presents. Did Kelsey get her hair done? It looks cute! And Mom, you asked in your last letter if I wanted to hear about things going on at home... YES :) I love hearing about things happening for all of you still, and it doesn't make me homesick, so we are good. I always love getting letters. I'm glad that I'm in the Provo MTC and can hear from you all so easily right now while I'm still here. It's weird to think that I'll actually be leaving the MTC someday haha, and that someday is kind of soon! 13 days to be exact! We will be getting 2 new sisters in our room, so there will be six of us sharing the room. It'll be tight, but I'm okay with it :) Our zone will also be getting two new districts. The district that left yesterday is heading to Naga. Oh and super exciting... I will be getting my travel plans either Thursday or Friday THIS week, so I will let you know what the plan is! 

This has been a good week- after a much needed lecture from one of our teachers everyone seems to be working harder. I used to be frustrated that we weren't spending enough time on the language here each day as I would like, but I am glad now that we've spent a lot of time on gospel things. I won't be leaving here knowing a ton of Tagalog, but I'll leave here with a greater understanding and testimony of the gospel. My Tagalog has a long way to go, but I know it will come. It know it will be rough too when I get to the Philippines and can't communicate all that I want to, but I know it will teach me a lot. I think that learning a language is a blessing for me at least because it forces me to explain things in the simplest ways possible because I can't do it in any other way. The gospel is simple, and sometimes we talk too much or try to explain too much- but it really is simple. A simple testimony is all it takes. I think it was President Hinckley who said something like this... Preach the Gospel, and use words if necessary.  The biggest thing I've learned about missionary work- luckily, it's not about how good of a teacher we are. The spirit is the one that does all of the teaching. I just need to be able to recognize the spirit, learn to listen to and understand and follow inspired thoughts. I feel like I am learning so much here! I can't wait to be in the Philippines though. My companion will point out a Filipino from across the cafeteria and run over to talk to them, so we've been able to become friends with some Filipinos already. Well I hope everyone is doing well :) If you want to know any specifics about what I'm doing here just ask :) DearElder is great cause I get them throughout the week. I've only got one more P-day in the MTC after today!!! Love you all!


Sister Stabenow

p.s. Tell Jaden not to be nervous at all :) I may or may not have done some snooping, and I found out not only is she in my residence hall, but she's on the same floor, just a couple rooms down :) I can't wait   to see her!:)

This morning at the Temple!

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