Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Happy Travel Plans!


We got our travel plans on Thursday last week.... and I'm going to GUAM?! Our district was so excited reading our travel plans- we headed over to the big map and had to find where Guam is haha. Only 7 of us are heading to Cauayan, me and four elders from my district and two elders from another district. The other districts going to the Philippines are going through Hong Kong. But for my travel group, we'll go from Salt Lake to San Francisco, then to Guam, and then to Manila. From Manila we'll start our long bus ride to Cauayan :) We'll meet at the travel office at 4 AM on the 25th! I am so pumped!! I'm making the most of my last week here in the MTC- eating lots of cereal since I wont have that in the Philippines, and hanging out with Jaden. We usually get to see each other for ten or fifteen minutes before we head to bed. It's so fun to have her here! Her P-day is tomorrow, but she is doing good and loves it here already! It was the best thing seeing her walking into the MTC! I will definitely get more pictures with her before I leave. Today was our last time going to the temple before we leave, and it was really sad to leave it knowing that I won't be going to the temple for a long time. One thing I will really miss about the MTC is all of the great devotionals we have here. I've got one more tonight, and then my last one will be on Sunday night. Such great speakers and messages. Saturday night I started feeling pretty nervous about leaving, but we had a great Relief Society talk on Sunday morning by Sister Jean Stevens from the General Primary Presidency. She used the Olive Tree Allegory and said that- the servants go out, and He goes with them. So when I find myself wondering- can I really do this? or- Is this beyond me? I need to remember that I haven't been called to do this on my own. I will have Him helping me.

I love singing here in the MTC with such a huge group of missionaries. We sang How Firm A Foundation on Sunday and it was SO powerful when all of us were singing- I'll never no never, no NEVER forsake. We also sang I believe in Christ and my favorite line- I believe in Christ, so come what may. I was so comforted on Sunday, and now I'm not so worried. My district asked our teacher for some advice and he said we are going to have to force ourselves to talk to people, to not be shy, and to use Tagalog all of the time even if it sounds horrible haha. Next week is going to be so crazy.

On Friday last week my companion went with a group of international missionaries to see temple square and the humanitarian center. I was just with the other sisters from my district for that morning, but it was so weird to not have my companion with me. It's going to be so sad saying goodbye to her since we wont be going to the same mission.

I must be studying a lot here, cause every night while I'm trying to fall asleep I have Tagalog words popping in my head haha. Tagalog is fun, every word is like a tongue twister. One fun word is nakakapagpabagabag. I probably spelled it wrong, but it means bothersome or annoying. Me and Sister Savage (another Sister from my district) have been trying to SYL (speak your language) more. We've decided we need to keep a dictionary close by for those conversations haha. Oh mom, be sure to tell Landon and Alyssa to not be too jealous of me since you've been sending me stuff- just tell them that every day of mine consists of more than ten hours of study time. That should do the trick haha. But really I'm loving it, we're learning so much both about Tagalog and about the gospel.

I hope Kels and Landon and everyone else has fun at the Imagine Dragons concert this weekend. I bet it will be amazing. I want to see pictures and hear about it!

Thats awesome that you got a map of my mission! I wonder where my first area will be. We'll find out in about a week I guess :) I'm glad you got the stuff I sent home this past week, and I'm glad you liked the song! Dad, thanks for the details about Disneyland- it all sounds so fun! I just imagine being there at night time enjoying the music, lights, and smell of the popcorn of course. :)

We had a really good day last week with a good lesson with our "investigator" and also a fun night in the TRC- thats what inspired my kasama to hug a tree rather than kick one in her frustration haha. She is heaps of fun.

Oh and I found out from my teacher that I can get language credits from BYU with Tagalog when I get back. I'll test out of the first two classes and then if I'm at BYU when I get back I want to take the 300 level course of Tagalog. Our teacher said it was really fun. Well this is going to be a crazy week, I'll try and start packing soon. Lot's to do! K time is up! I love you all and can't wait to tell you all about traveling to the Philippines!

also the travel plans say we're going to hong kong in may to renew our visas, but i think that is just a precautionary thing. i think our mission president can go and renew them for us even

Yay!  Jaden is here!

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