Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week #3

 (Doesn't She Look Beautiful!)
First off, Congratulations Alyssa & Michael!!! I loved getting your dear elder this week and hearing your news :) It made me so happy! I am so excited for you two and loved the pictures that mom emailed me! (i can't open them up big though so they are tiny, but hey i'll take what I can get!) 

Mom, thanks for the Dear Elders. We liked hearing about the new mission president that will be coming to Cauayan in the summer, they sound great! By the way, those mints (fruit duos?) you sent were super good, and I loved the tomatoes! I'm glad to hear that you and Landon had a good time at Emily's baptism, I can't believe she's 8 already. Let Grandma know that I got her card & appreciated what she had to say. I hope my package got there okay for Kelsey and Dad! I hope they had a great birthday! I want to hear more about their trip :) also if you could insert the pictures big in the emails when you send them I could probably see them better. Also, I'm considering sending my ipod home- would you be able to download conference talks in Tagalog and put them on the ipod? I'll wait to hear back from you before I send the ipod home. I'm not sure if I mentioned last time, but thank Alison for the Dear Elder she sent me :) 

I got a package yesterday from the Burtons! Do I have the best family or what? :) Seriously I am so lucky. It totally made my day. Their letters were SO sweet and the cookies were delicious (nice work Tarv & Ginger) My roommates and I loved them :)

BUT... the craziest thing of all this week... at about 4:45 this morning a voice comes on the intercom and announces to the building- "there will be male workers coming in the building, please dress appropriately." It totally scared me and woke me up. I was so confused. Then I could hear the men outside of our door and I could hear their radios. I heard something like this- yeah the third floor is flooded and the second floor is starting to flood as well. Well my tired mind put it together and I sat up realizing that I am on the third floor. I did not want to be up so early, but I climbed down from my bunk bed, and sure enough I was standing in at least and inch and a half of water!!! I woke the other sisters up, and then I went out in the hall to see what happened. They told us that a worker must have been filling up a bucket last night and forgot about it and left the water funning. Three rooms on each side of our floor got flooded, and ours got the worst of it. The water went all the way to the back wall! Luckily, and surprisingly the only things in our room that were on the floor were our luggage. All four of us were up and working to clean it all up within a matter of minutes. We started out with mops until they were able to bring in some big shop vacuums. We worked for 3 hours trying to dry everything out in our room, the hallway, and in our neighbor's room. It was a pretty eventful morning I'd say. Some of the sisters on our floor were so nice and brought breakfast for us 4 since we couldn't make it over to the cafeteria. I'm super tired now. We definitely didn't make it to our scheduled temple time, but we were able to go later. I don't think we'll be moving rooms or anything (there isn't really anywhere else to go), but they said hopefully they'll send in carpet cleaners. Luckily. It already smells. Haha it totally felt like dejavu, considering this just happened at home before I left. By the way, how is Grammy's room?

This past week was an interesting one. Elder Ballard came and spoke to us last Tuesday night. It is so cool to hear an apostle speak! My companion was SO down about the language for several days, and normally I can handle it and stay positive. But, one day last week it was just so discouraging. I had no idea to help her. She didn't believe that we could do this and that she could learn Tagalog, and I let it get to me. I was SO discouraged and frustrated. I didn't want to have to be the strong one all the time. It was not a good day here. BUT I learned a lot from that day. Feelings of discouragement are NOT from God. I need to completely believe that I can do this and trust that I was called for a reason to go to the Philippines and speak Tagalog. I CAN do this. I've been even more determined since that day to work as hard as I can so that I can qualify for the gift of tongues. My teacher pointed out that we're about halfway through the MTC now. I think there is just 20 days left. I don't feel super ready with the language, but I know it will come. I am so pumped!!!

I talked with one of the counselors in my branch presidency on Sunday after class, and he said- I can tell you've crossed a bridge. And he is definitely right. I LOVE being here. I LOVE being a missionary. The more I realize how amazing missionary work really is the happier I become. We've been talking a lot this week about the Book of Mormon, and I have loved it. The Book of Mormon has changed my life so much and I LOVE talking about it and sharing my testimony about it. It's amazing how happy I am even just teaching our fake investigators and doing role playing. I can't wait to do the real thing. My testimony has been strengthened so much here already! This past Sunday was my favorite Sunday I've had here. I'm just happy :) The provo temple president gave our devotional on Sunday night- one thing he said- "the way you serve you mission will be a good indicator for what you will do with the rest of your life." I really liked that and want to do as much as I can in these 18 months.

Sunday movie nights are great! This week we watched an old MTC devotional from Elder Holland called Missions are Forever. It was so good! My favorite thing he said-  "Why is missionary work so hard? Because salvation is not a cheap experience. Why should it be easy for us if it was never easy for Him?"

I love this fire and excitement that I have right now about missionary work. I hope to carry it with me throughout the mission and throughout life :)

I had a lot to say this week I guess! Well I love and miss you all!


  Sister Brynn Stabenow

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  1. I loved this letter! Brynn is so positive and sounds like she is loving every minute of it. She will definitely be an amazing missionary. What an example!