Sunday, May 26, 2013

2 Months in the Philippines

The weeks are flying by! Today marks my 2 months in the Philippines, and I'm loving life here. I'm dreading the day when this cycle will end, cause I really love having Sister Manguil as my companion. Who knew I would have so much in common with a girl in the Philippines. When one of us tells each other a story about our lives we end up realizing even more how similar we are. They use a phrase here that just means mother and daughter haha, so a few people have said that about us. Even though it isn't rainy season yet we've had rain almost every day lately. Loudest thunder ever yesterday, so cool! My companion gets scared and I just have a huge smile on my face. I love the storms! We also have random brown outs (no electricity) which always makes things interesting. Sometimes we are in the middle of teaching and the power goes out, so they break out the candles and we continue. I got a haircut this morning (38 pesos- sobrang mura), and several workers at the salon were just watching the whole process and talking about my hair color. 

This past week was really good. Sunday was a good day to be a missionary in the Bayombong branch. So many investigators and less actives were there. I was SO happy. Also this last week I feel like I got a tiny taste of how it will feel when I have to say goodbye. One of the Nanay's here that we are teaching is starting to come back to church and she is now working toward going to the temple for her first time. We are really close with her and she and my companion talked about maybe meeting up at the Manila temple after she is done with her mission. I was kinda jealous ha. Nanay promised me we can at least be facebook  friends when I get back if I remember her haha. Oh man I love the people we teach here, they are so great. I love what I get to go and do every day. Well I love and miss you! Have a great week :)

- Sister Stabenow
Outside my apartment

My favorite place to walk in our area Bonfall-east
14 Again Haha!

Before Haircut!

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