Monday, May 6, 2013

Good week here in Bayombong:)

While escaping a downpour we got to hang out with these kids!

Good week here in Bayombong :) It's transfer week, and of course my trainer and I are staying here luckily! It is so crazy to think that this is the week I would have been getting to the mission if my date didn't change. Also that's cool that Jaden in in New Mexico now! 
      So We're finding more people to teach here and hopefully we'll see some progress. We've been thinking a lot just trying to figure out how to best use our time. We want to know where our focus should be- the branch, the less actives, the investigators? My trainer has been saying, "what's the point" sometimes because we need members in the branch to welcome less actives coming back and to welcome the investigators. If the missionaries are the only ones who care there won't really be a point. We'll only be in the area for so long. So since we can't neglect any of those areas there is a lot to do. It can be frustrating, because as missionaries it isn't our job to tell leaders how to do their job of course, so we just sit there and can't say a word as they tell us all the things we're doing wrong... oh boy haha. I just have to remember that the church is young here still, and that the gospel is perfect, and people are not. haha

I've had some good experiences this past week, just little things :) Yesterday I saw one of the  young men from the branch walking to church as we passed by in a tricie, he lives pretty far, and I was really touched by his determination to make it to church even if it meant walking a long way alone. The testimonies of members here inspire me. We met a 21 year old girl this past week from Solano. She is friends with a family that we were having FHE with, and she is really good in English, so she and I talked for a while. She is the only member in her family and in fact her dad is the pastor for a different church here. They are not happy that she is a member, they told her to pack her bags if she was going to continue to go to church or to any activities. So she did pack her bags, she left and went to her grandma's house. Her parents ended up going and picking her up and she lives with them now stilll, but they don't like it at all. I'm amazed at what she is willing to do for the gospel. She truly has to stand alone, but I could just tell how much she loves the gospel. There are some really cool youth here- on Saturday they asked us to help with their mini MTC in Solano for youth and single adults to get them excited about missions, it was cool seeing so many youth there. 

Also I think it is a blessing that I can't understand everything here haha, my companion gets stressed if people bad mouth us, sometimes it's in Ilocano since most people speak that here, but they don't know that my companion can understand it too. We've been going running here this past week a bit, and I love it, but we're trying to find good places to go without so many people staring, my vote is for by the rice fields :) hopefully tomorrow! This should be a fun week, we're going to the farewell fireside tomorrow in cauayan, and then Wednesday we'll get a new sister in our apartment, and on Thursday I'll think I'll celebrate a birthday or something... :) Thank you for all the emails this week! I LOVE hearing about everything going on, I am so so so blessed. I love you all so much and cannot wait to skype next week!! :) :)

The family we had FHE with this last week!

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