Monday, June 3, 2013

Another Week (Week 10 in the Philippines)

Another week that just flew by. Sister Manguil and I have been having a ton of fun talking to lots of random people on the streets, it’s always so fun to go out and work. So I got a haircut last week, and looks like it’s back to 14 for me haha. It really needed to be cut. When we talk to people they have a lot of questions for me- my name, where I’m from, why I’m here, and of course how old I am. Ha one man this week after I told him I’m 21, said “wow, more like 14” haha to which I replied “alam ko” (I know) haha. So yep back to 14, oh well.  So last Monday night I thought it would be fun to have FHE with all of the kids that I met one of my first weeks here over where all of the Guiner family lives. So all the grandkids came to their grandpa’s house for FHE with us. It was so much fun. We had a lesson, played some games, and they wanted to show their talents and dance for us. Ha all the kids are way good at dancing here. Oh and we played don’t eat pete with them which they loved!
Some of Sister Stabenow"s favorite people

They love to pose!
We had a really interesting experience the other day walking along one of the busy main roads. I looked over and saw a lady smiling across the street at us, so I smiled and waved. She then waved her hand for us to come over. So we get over to her, and she starts using her hands to sign a ton of things- Sister Manguil and I just looked at each other, wooops neither of us know sign language. So she acted some things out, we pulled out a piece of paper and pen and she wanted our phone number and names. So we gave her a pamphlet and our number, she kind of checked to see if what we were doing is religious, and then asked us again (kind of through actions) if we would visit her house. We said yes, so we’ll see what happens with that!

We started teaching a teenage girl a few weeks ago, MaryJoyce. She has already been coming to church for a long time with extended family of hers that are members, and has just been waiting for it to be okay with her parents for her to get baptized. She is awesome and so ready to be baptized! Ha the first time we taught her Sister Manguil invited her to be baptized and asked her when she would want to, to which she quickly replied Saturday haha. She is very ready no doubt, but we just needed a little more time to teach her a couple more lessons and get her interviewed. So her baptism will be this coming Saturday- she was SO happy coming out after her interview yesterday, I’m so happy for her!

Yesterday we had a lot of members that wanted to come work with us- 2 youth, 2 single adults, and the 2nd counselor in the Branch presidency (son of Tatay Guiner). At one of the appointments visiting a family of members one of them a recent convert, Pres. Guiner shared a message with all of us from Alma 37:35 which talks about learning wisdom in thy youth and learning to keep the commandments of God. It was a really great feeling just sitting there listening to the counsel of a caring leader, and hearing the testimonies of all the youth about how yes it is sometimes hard to be obedient and keep all the commandments, but we all talked about how worth it it is, and how it is such a blessing. I know I am so incredibly blessed, my heart is just so full some times. I love the gospel, I am so blessed to have the family that I have, to have grown up in a home where the gospel was lived and taught, and to have so many opportunities in life. Including the opportunity I have now to share my testimony every day through words and actions here with the people in the Philippines. I am just so happy :)

Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy your summer break! School started up again here today for all the kids, so their school schedule is a bit different. Thank you again for the emails and prayers and support. I feel so loved hearing from friends and family! Love you all :) your emails always give me such a boost.

-          Sister Stabenow

 i can't get over how cute the babies are here
Kieysha Ocampo's 3rd Birthday

I Love this weather!

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