Monday, June 10, 2013


Kumusta!?Sorry I didn’t give you a heads up last week, that my email would be a little late today, we didn’t know that we’d have a zone activity for P-day today.
 So we woke up around 3:30, met up with the others from our zone and headed to Batad to see the rice terraces, and also a waterfall. It was SO pretty seeing the sunrise and just all the surroundings during our 3 hour jeepney ride. It’s kind of hard to sleep while riding in a jeepney, so I’m not sure how I’m still awake right now. It was a really fun day, a long hike down through the rice terraces, and then over to a pretty waterfall (Tappiya falls) for a while, and then a really really long hike up. But I loved it, and don’t worry I took lots of pictures. 

Work this past week was interesting. We had dinner with some members on Tuesday and then afterwards their nephew came over, who we had already given a pamphlet to. He talked with us for a while and asked him if he had been able to read it. He said yes, and said that he feels like it is strengthening him already. It was really cool to hear his thoughts about it. We returned on Friday this week to teach him, and I was so excited and prepared, but we didn’t end up teaching because we got there and saw him and his friends enjoying their Red Horse (beer of choice here). Bummer. Actually a lot of bummers this week, full of ups and downs, but it’s alright, still happy. It was also sad realizing just how close transfers are, but Sister Manguil and I are going to make the most of the last week of this cycle. We still don’t know yet what will be happening with transfers. Saturday was the most hectic day I’ve had for my whole mission so far. The Sunday before, our branch had announced a CSP (community service project) for Saturday, so Sister Manguil and I went, and we were the only ones from our branch, in fact, it was just us two and the family that had the project to do pulling weeds from the garden area at the school where the mom works. But these weren’t little weeds haha, remember the part on Lloyd where he sees the weeds in the old lady’s back yard? Ya it felt a bit like that. But we got to work; luckily I can kind of squat like a Filipino now though so that helped. While we were there Mary Joyce texted us saying that she was allowed to have her baptism that day but that it needed to be at 1 instead of at 4. So we finished up and started our crazy day trying to get everything together. Long story short everything that could have been a problem was a problem, ha I can’t even count how many conflicts there were. But despite the craziness of it all we got everything ready, and I was just so happy that it all came together and that she was baptized! The baptism, as well as seeing our investigators at church was a good way to end the week. Well I hope you all have a great great week. And I hope that Alyssa and Michael’s wedding is wonderful for everyone! So happy for them!  :) Mahal ko kayong lahat.
Mary Joice at her Baptism
Sister Stabenow

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