Monday, August 5, 2013

Life is Grand with Sister Grande :)

New Companion Sister Grande!
So I’ll start with the news, I’m training a cute Filipino!!!!! Her name is Sister Grande, from Bacolod and she’s 20 years old, and  I think she came pretrained. She’s awesome :)  This has been a busy week, we went to Cauayan for the departure fireside and of course for the transfer meeting. It was fun seeing friends that used to be in our zone, and way fun to talk with them and see how I’ve progressed a bit with the language. When we pulled up to the chapel the day of the transfer meeting I got super nervous about my trainer leaving me and about getting a new companion. It was definitely sad to say goodbye to Sister Manguil. But I already love my anak. She is excited and ready to get to work! She was way excited about meeting our investigators. Ha in a lot of ways she reminds me of my Nanay- loves fried chicken, ukay ukay shopping, ice cream, she’s studying IT (info tech), likes to sing, doesn’t like vegetables, and on and on. Haha. For sure we’re going to be good friends. I am happy with the set up in our apartment, the other sister is training a new American, Sister Miller, so it’s fun when we can sit and talk about home or Provo for a bit. Our Zone was changed so much from this last transfer. Almost every companionship had changes, and most of those new to the zone are new American missionaries. Ha I wonder if our district/zone meetings will mostly be in English now.  I’m feeling a bit more pressure being a trainer, way more responsibilities now, but I’m looking forward to this so much. I'm also way happy that I'm not the brand new ones any more haha. I am feeling better about where I am with the language, and I can tell I'll make some good progress with it here in my first area. Hopefully I'll have some more news for you next week :) One thing I'll share we met a less active Nanay a couple weeks ago who hadn't been to church in a long time. Her name is Nanay Catalina, and she has way pretty blue eyes (only filipino I've seen with blue eyes).She came the Sunday after we visited her the first time, but not the Sunday after. So we visited her again on Saturday and she told us her birthday would be the next day, Sunday, and she'd just been praying to be able to have the money to make it to church for her birthday. So she was praying and we were praying, and she made it :) I'm glad she got her birthday wish, and I really hope she'll continue to come. I love getting out each day and working, I can't help but smile and be happy. Well that's all for now :) thank you (family and friends) for the letters and emails! I'll write back to you guys hopefully soon! Love you all! 

-Sister Stabenow
Matching by accident :)

Great companions and friends!

The Gacad Family!  The young man in the suit is going to New Zealand!

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