Monday, September 30, 2013


Chicken Head?  Really!!

Kumusta po kayo?
Thank you Mom and Dad for the package! Loved it, and the kids here loved the candy! It’s been another happy week here in Bayombong. It was a weird week for work since my companion was sick a couple of days, we had a family day celebration, and one of the days we were in Santiago for a meeting. So we weren’t out working as much as I would’ve liked, and sitting at home reading just isn’t the same as being out working. I’m excited for this week to just have things normal! Random things from this week: we’ve been exercising as an apartment in the mornings, and it is funny to see these Sisters limping around from being sore haha. We have been doing a lot as an apartment this cycle, and it has been such a blessing. We started having prayers with all 4 of us morning and night and I’ve never been living with such a happy group of girls. I really love the set up right now and will just enjoy these last few weeks before the next transfer day. Also, this week my companion was buying some BBQ here and told me I should try the helmet/ulo ng manok/chicken head, I didn’t want to at first, but she told me I’d be considered a Filipino if I’d eat it. So I gave in, haha and ate the chicken head. It wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think I’ll eat it again. I’m friends with our little next door neighbor Trian. When I’m out doing my laundry she comes and hangs out with me and she helps me with Tagalog. She’s this little adorable girl. I don’t want to think about leaving my friends here, but in some ways I think it is time to get a new area. We’ll just see what happens on Transfer day. I hope you all enjoy conference this week! We won’t watch it until October 12 and 13 in Solano. It will be my second conference on my mission and I’ll be in my same area watching it.
We’ve been teaching a somewhat new investigator and it has been great, I can just picture him being a great priesthood leader here. He’s come to church twice now and even came to the Family Day activity on Saturday. I also am happy seeing less actives becoming returning members here! I love this work, I love these people, and I hope this branch will just continue to get stronger.
We had an awesome zone conference on Thursday. President and Sister Rahlf are spiritual giants and I loved hearing from each of them. It was just a very powerful meeting and I was able to learn things that I’ve specifically been needing. One of the Sisters gave a musical number and played “Be Still My Soul” on the Violin. That’s such a special song to me, and it was just so powerful and beautiful. One missionary bore his testimony at the end and mentioned the song “I Stand All Amazed” so I thought of the words “to rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine.” I truly do stand all amazed at His love for me, I in no way am deserving, yet I know He loves me so much. My time here on a mission is teaching me so much about faith and the atonement. Two things I thought I understood before, but wow I had no idea how important those things really are. I’m learning just how important it is that we really believe in Christ and believe Him and what he says. I pictured him asking me the questions, do you believe in me? In my timing? In my plan for you? And in my ability to help you? I know I can improve on these things and face my challenges with more faith and less fear.
                Grammy I wanted to thank you for emailing me your conversion story last week. We were having our companionship study the other day and I decided to read to my companion your email, and I was surprised that I got really choked up reading it to her. Thank you for joining the church even though it wasn’t convenient or easy. I love seeing what a huge blessing that choice of yours has been to me and many many others.
FHE this last week!
                At the zone conference this week I said goodbye to a good friend here in the mission. She will be heading home to Utah in December, and I probably won’t see her again before then. I can’t believe that she only has a cycle and a half left to go. She was a sisters trainer over this area, and we became close on the few times that we got to go on splits. I’m also surprised at how quickly I become friends with so many of these sisters, these friendships have been such blessings to me. Sister Miller (from our apartment) and I have become such good friends and this past week discovered our mutual obsession with Peter Pan, Becoming Jane, and a crazy long list of many many other things. She’s from Alpine Utah and most people in this Branch ask us if we’re siblings. It’s been such a blessing having her in our apartment too. Well hopefully I’ll have more to tell you next week about work! I love you all and am so thankful for each of you and your testimonies and encouragement. Enjoy conference!!! 

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