Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome to the "ber" months... Its still really hot!

September already, time to start celebrating Christmas in the Philippines. For real. haha. There are just a couple weeks left of this cycle. It is still going so fast. Thank you all for your emails this week :) It's been a nice P-day, laundry, studying, Ukay Ukay, and then later tonight we have 2 dinner appointments. not sure how that happened haha.. Our branch president said they're going to feed us horse... I have to at least try it so I can say I've had horse before haha.  We had President and Sister Rahlf down here on Tuesday for our interviews, and the timing was just right. Ha I am so thankful to have them here and for their love and counsel. I am learning so much this cycle and even though it is challenging, I know that it is teaching me things that I really really need to learn. My companion and I had a really great week of work. We started teaching the lady who we got pedicures from last week, and she invited six others to come and hear our message too. So we get there and realize we've got quite a big group to teach. It was a lot of fun, my companion and I were excited. Also I'm sending a picture of a baptism we went to on Saturday of an eight year old from the ward. We visited him and his family this past week to make sure he was excited and ready for his baptism day. Oh my they are such a cute family. We will be having dinner with them first tonight actually. So the baptism on Saturday, in the words of young Landon... funniest thing I've ever seen. So his toe came out of the water the first time, and he refused to do it again haha. We waited and talked with him for a good twenty minutes probably before he'd stand up and do it again. But still, he didn't want to go down into the water, so I'll just say after what looked like a really funny wrestling move he was baptized. My companion and I couldn't get over how funny it was. We had a good fast Sunday yesterday, we have some really great families in this ward. The Gacad family came and worked with us for a couple visits, they are so sweet and always really good to give us referrals. Members are seriously SO important in missionary work. I like one thing they said a couple months ago in the worldwide leadership training that the members are the full time finders and the missionaries are the full time teachers. I can't wait to do more member missionary work when I am home again. There really is so much to do, and I know that because this work is being hastened it means that more people are being prepared! As always my companion and I are praying to find those who are ready here in Bayombong. Even though there are challenges and disappointments I know that this work is so important! Thank you all for your emails and prayers this week. They are needed and appreciated! Namimiss ko kayong lahat, at mahal ko kayo! 
- Sister Stabenow
Baptism of Ephriam... Funniest thing I ever saw!

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