Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hiking in  Batad

Awesome awesome week. This past week has been so great. Literally every night this past week we had FHE with members here, less actives and active members. Ha, and this upcoming week looks like it will be just the same. Work was interesting, we were punted like crazy, which was disappointing because we had some really good lessons prepared. But still, some good things happened… we have a new family of investigators that we are teaching now, we have a ton of fun out working as a companionship, and we had a ton of people, less actives and investigators, come to church on Sunday. We were so excited as we saw each of them walk in and just couldn’t believe it :) We’ve been applying the things we’ve been talking about in our district meetings, and we are just doing so much better. Our lessons seem to mean so much more as we focus on those we teach and also focus on the spirit. I feel like my companion and I are doing a good job at getting spiritually prepared for the day, I love our companionship study time. I really hope this isn’t the end here in Bayombong, I’d be totally fine with it if there aren’t any changes in our apartment this upcoming transfer day. I love these sisters. We celebrated Sister Fugaban’s half way mark the other day, ha we were teasing her and then she just looks at me and says “you’re next.” Weird stuff, getting older here. Also, one morning Sister Miller and I were outside doing our laundry and of course having a ton of fun just talking, and we both mentioned how we didn’t expect to come on a mission and find new people that would become our good friends for life. I have made some really great friends here and it’s been such a blessing! Since our apartment is so awesome, haha, we had an apartment t-shirt made this week and we wore it to our activity yesterday in Batad. It looked sweet! Also, these sisters are wondering where I got my accent for some of the English words I say, haha they laugh so much at the way I say the word Satan, but they like it and its hilarious listening to the Filipino sisters try out a country accent.
Oh I don’t want to transfer haha. In some of our lessons this week I seriously got teary eyed just thinking that I will be leaving these people most likely pretty soon. I love it so much here, every time we pull into Bayombong coming from any of our trips it feels like home to me now. It’s nice to be getting really comfortable here, but also just for that reason, I’m guessing I’ll transfer since I know there is more for me to learn and you don’t learn in your comfort zone. I finished reading the book “Believing Christ” this week, and absolutely loved it. I loved the analogy at the end where the gospel and keeping the commandments is like bench pressing weights, it’s where we’re required to just give a little more than we think we’re even capable of where the actual growth happens.
So I’ll tell you a bit about our fun trip to Batad. Plans kept changing with what time we were gonna leave for Batad, but at 4am we get a call from our zone leader telling us to be in Solano in 30 minutes, so we rush and get ready, find a tricey and head over. We find the jeepney driver and his friend who’d been waiting there since 3am, but we couldn’t leave yet, cause the six sisters from Solano weren’t there yet. So we tried to go back to sleep in the jeepney for a while, it was funny and we asked the friend of the jeepney driver to take a picture for us. Ha so he takes the picture and he says “ai, sisters, ulit, burrl siya”. Which basically is let’s take it again, and then he tried to say it was “blurry” but instead said “burrl” haha we lost it and joked about it the whole day. Not sure if that’s funny to anyone but us, but oh my lots of things from the trip were hilarious, maybe cause we were all crazy tired. This was definitely my favorite zone activity I’ve had here. The hike was beautiful and challenging. The beginning is easy since it’s down hill, but the way back is a bit tougher, and it finishes with some nice straight up stairs haha. Everyone is walking funny today and has some good sunburns. There’s a sign right before the final 412 stairs and that’s when my pep-talking brain kicked in. So I’m climbing these stairs while at the same time laughing at my funny pep-talk in my head. So that was my week :) Glad to hear from all of you about how great conference was, I can’t wait to watch it this weekend! I am so thankful to know that we having a living prophet today. I am looking forward to the spiritual boost that conference always brings. Hope you all have a great next week! Love and miss you all!
Sister Stabenow

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