Monday, October 14, 2013

Conference weekend!

We are bringing Scrunchies back!!
Root Beer Floats! A great family tradition

Hello!  Yet another great week here in Bayombong. By far this is the best cycle I’ve had here on my mission. We had several family home evenings again this week. We are seeing how much even the members in the branch need to be strengthened, so we’ve been spending time with them and it has been great. On Wednesday this past week all the foreigners within the mission had to get fingerprinted, so Sister Miller and I spent that day together getting all of that taken care of in Solano. It was such a fun day, and all of us were super excited when we found out we’d be on splits that day. We all love each other in the apartment, and the Filipinos click really well together and of course Sister Miller (my clone) and I have a ton of fun together. So here’s kind of how our apartment works, sometimes we hang out with all of us, and other times we’ve got sister miller and I downstairs having like deep gospel or life related discussions, and then you’ve got my companion and hers upstairs screaming and laughing. Haha and we all just love it so much. This week I realized how pretty much every aspect of our work is better when we’ve got a solid and happy companionship. Even just building relationships with those we visit has gotten way better. Also, I have been laughing for real at the jokes here now, which I am a little surprised at, it’s great! I’ve also realized how weird some of my English sentences are sounding, especially when I’m writing in my journal.
                So there was supposed to be a typhoon again this weekend, but nothing too bad happened, just some rain. I was worried that it would get in the way of watching conference, but luckily it didn’t end up being much. Conference was AWESOME. It was so weird sitting in there watching conference at the same building I watched it at 6 months ago. Conference was comforting, uplifting, and with just the right amount of chastising. Ha I always come away from conference knowing what I need to work on. Saturday night we kept up the family tradition and had root beer floats and then also had some popcorn and M&M’s to make it even better. Sunday of Conference was equally as good, it was good to see some of our investigators attend as well. I came away from conference with so much and loved the overall themes of repentance, being humble, and having a constant goal to be improving. I loved the talks about women and motherhood and about the blessings of having the priesthood in a home. “Mine is a home, where every hour, is blessed by the strength of priesthood power.” I thought so much about how blessed I am to have grown up in a home like this where both my parents have always worked hard together to build a happy family, and I can see so much the blessings of it all as I look at my life and the lives of each of the kids in our family.  So Mom and Dad, thank you, a huge thank you! I want my life to turn out just like both of yours has :) and you’ve taught me how I can have that. Living the gospel consistently :)
Last night we had an FHE with the Gacad family again and I love seeing a true gospel living family here. The spirit is so present in their home and I just love each of them. After planning last night all four of us sisters went out and did some star gazing on our roof. It was great, I have had such a good cycle here! This should be a fun week again here, we have a CSP (service project) on Wednesday morning working in a less active brother’s rice field, I’m pumped! I’ll let you know next week what will be happening with the upcoming transfer day! I hope you all loved conference and are praying for missionary opportunities. Love and miss you all!
-          Sister Stabenow

Playing games

FHE with the Gacad Family

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