Monday, November 4, 2013

Another week in Jones

Hello my family!
Another week in Jones, and things are good. We went on our first splits this week and went with a threesome of sisters. In their companionship they have a sister from Tonga, from the Philippines, and one from Utah. Talk about a mix of cultures haha. The Filipino sister is the trainer, and I’m way impressed by her that she can handle training two foreigners at once. I went with the Filipino and American, and she went with the Sister from Tonga. We had a really great time on splits with them, and I feel like I’m going to be learning so much from these sisters that I will go on splits with. The longer time I spend here the more I love and appreciate you guys (my family). I just know of so many family problems here in my area, for families of missionaries back home, and I’m realizing more and more how blessed and lucky we really are. Mom and Dad, thank you thank you thank you. I want a life as happy as yours and thank you for showing us the right way to have it some day. I love the gospel, we teach about it all the time and I realize so much how it completely is meant to bless and strengthen families. Yes it is a gospel that requires work, it requires effort and that is why it is so hard for people to accept it some times, but really it is all for us. We are so blessed when we live the gospel, and when we take the time to put the Savior first in our lives so that we can actually know him. He gave us a perfect example, I love studying his life, and I am understanding more and more why we can and should have more perfect faith in him.
            This area is going to teach me a lot about attitude, haha. It is a struggling area, but I know my companion and I are here for a reason. The biggest thing I’m realizing is that I HAVE to love these people, and to be able to do that my companion and I are going to find more ways to serve them. Sundays are hard here, but all I hope is that I can leave this area better than we found it. Some fun things from this week, I realized that there are a lot of fireflies (alitaptap) in my new area, so I’ll add that to my list of positive things about this area :) it really is so beautiful here. We went on the prettiest run of my life the other morning. Up and over some hills, looking out over fields and fields of corn, and ended down by a river where there were a few families out doing laundry. I wish you all could see what I see here! I can’t believe it is November already! I hope you all have a great time this week, be sure to congratulate Ty and Jaymee for me! Love and miss you!
Sister Stabenow

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