Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter Monday November 18th

Hello Family,
Less traveling this week, which was really great for our work here in Jones.  We were able to get lots of good work in and we had several members come and work with us. I am loving this area and these people more and more. This past Sunday they held a special fast for all of those affected by the typhoon. We’ve got an awesome investigator right now named Rowena, she’s young and has a husband and two kids, but has a huge long list of health problems, and I feel like she is really searching for the truth right now. She asks the best questions while we’re teaching and is wanting to learn more and more. We invited her to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon, but when we came back just a couple days later she was already well into 1 Nephi and told us about how she gets goosebumps reading it. We’re excited to keep teaching her, especially about the plan of salvation. Yesterday at church was way happy. There were sixty people there, which was a big deal for us haha. Several less actives were back and I was SO happy to see how the members welcomed them right back. I really am impressed with how loving these members are and for their desires to help their branch. They’re excited to give us referrals and come work with us. We had another great time on splits this week in Alicia, and I went with Sister Hafen, she’s seriously so cool. She’s on her 3rd cycle right now, I was so impressed with her and honestly think I get more out of these splits than they do. I feel like I’m making so many good friends here. We had a good day of working together and had a good time just talking about life :) This next week should be a good one, we’ve got quarterly interviews with President. Hope you’re all enjoying your cold weather there, it’s getting “cold” here too. Thanks for the emails and pictures, I LOVED them! Sorry this is short, hopefully I’ll have more for you next week! Love you and miss you!
-          Sister Stabenow
Brynn and Sister Hafen

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