Monday, December 2, 2013

december na?

Hello Family,
                Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving, thanks for sending me pictures! This was another really fast, but good week. This next week is transfer week and I’m happy to say nothing will be changing with me and my companion!
So, on Tuesday we went on splits with the sisters in Echague- Sister Peckham, Sister Karavanua, and Sister Matautia. I love their companionship so much, Sister Peckham is training both of the sisters and they’re doing a great job. It was so much fun with them, haha I just love their personalities. It was kinda full circle getting to go on splits with Sister Peckham because she was my Sister’s Training Leader back in my first area, and I was actually the first sister she went on splits with. She is now finishing her mission this week and then heading back to Utah, and I’m just realizing more and more how fast missions go by. She actually just now stopped by the computer shop and we said goodbye. I’m gonna miss her! She’s been an awesome example and friend to me here.
Sister Stabenow and Sister Peckham
Going out on Splits 

Work this week was a little slow- hard to get lessons and all but one of our fellowshippers cancelled on us. So some frustrations, but we did meet some new really nice people that hopefully we’ll be teaching soon. We had some good lessons though and I feel like we’re really starting to build good relationships with the members; this week we’re finally going to have some Family Home Evenings here! Well hopefully I’ll have more to write you about next week. Sorry this is short and not about very much haha, but here are some pictures to make up for a really short email. Haha. Love and miss you all, oh and can’t wait to skype in a few weeks! 

Having traditional Thanksgiving dinner:) 

Having fun with some cute kids!

It actually get cold enough that she had to break out her blanket, she said it smelled like home:)  And a good sweatshirt always brings comfort:)

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