Monday, December 9, 2013

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Hello family :) 

We had another really fast but really good week. We’re later emailing today, so I don’t have a ton of time, but I’ll try to summarize some of the week. I’ll email a picture of my two little brothers here… the one on the right is a member, 17 years old and his name is Oliver, the one on the left is Jaysine and he’s 14 and is one of our investigators. Landon, I’m definitely reminded of you, and I’ve shown them your picture and told them your height, and they’re jealous, these boys are all about basketball haha. So I’ll try and quickly share a story from the week about them. We had a family home evening with them earlier in the week and taught them about Sabbath day since we knew that basketball is what has been keeping them away from church. We let them think about it and decide what they’d do on Sunday. Well… there they both were on Sunday morning at the chapel, and early! And, Oliver was asked to give a talk, so he gets up and gives a really good and bold talk about the Sabbath day. I was SO proud haha. He needs to be the strong one in his family, and the example also for his neighbor Jaysine. He doesn’t have long before he can serve a mission, so it makes me happy seeing these changes that will help him get prepared. I love this branch, this area, our investigators, and my companion. I love these people, I find myself getting so worried and concerned for those that we visit. It makes me sad to see them making wrong choices that won’t help their life to improve. But we love them nonetheless and hopefully things will improve. Sorry this really is so short! I love and miss you all!
Oliver and Jaysine

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