Monday, January 20, 2014


New area and new companion! This has been a really fun past week, with lots of changes. Well first of all, my new area is Alicia 3B. There are a total of 8 sisters in Alicia, each branch has 4 missionaries. My new companion is Sister Broqueza from Manila, and she and I are batch. So we’ve been here the same amount of time in the mission field, so it’s fun getting to talk about what has happened in our missions so far. She is such a hard worker and I’m happy to be coming into an area that is having so much success right now. We have two other sisters in our apartment, a Filipino sister who just finished being trained, and a brand new AMERICAN sister who is being trained now. I love the whole set up, and I feel really comfortable already in the new apartment. I also feel really welcomed already into this branch since I have met quite a few of the members already on previous splits that I went on here in this area. I am so impressed by this branch. They are thriving and doing so well. They work really hard and are involved in missionary work. I spoke in sacrament meeting and felt very comfortable there and excited for all that is up ahead in this branch. We had a baptism on Saturday for two young men, and once again it was all just done so well and nice. President and Sister Rahlf, as well as the Honeycutts (senior couple) attended. I really can’t believe this is my area sometimes. The contrast between it and my past areas is so huge!
Speaking of Jones, I took the two sisters (a Filipino and a brand new Tongan) that are now assigned to Jones back to their area the first night to get them settled in. We also went back with them to Jones after district meeting on Thursday and we had 3 hours to show them around the area before we had to leave to head back to Alicia. Ha, 3 hours isn’t enough time to show people an entire area, but we made it work, we were nonstop, just going place to place. I am excited for those new sisters in Jones. Yes it is challenging, but I know they’ll see progress as they are able to focus all of their time on that area.
Few random things, we were sitting there after an appointment last night and I could faintly hear music in the background, ha it didn’t take long to figure out that it was Billy Gilman. Haha it was way funny. Another random thing, I am now the oldest sister in our zone, when it comes to who has been on their mission the longest. I am getting old here. I am glad I am at the point where I am, my focus doesn’t have to be on trying to adjust to culture or trying to speak a new language. Work is so good, and I am excited for what Sister Broqueza and I will be able to do this cycle. We have some really cool investigators that are definitely searching for the truth in their lives. Well I am excited for this upcoming week and to see what will happen with our investigators here. I love this work! I love you all and miss you!
Sister Stabenow

Saying Goodbye in Jones

New Sisters in Jones!

Baptism of 2 young men on Saturday

The American Kalabaw!:)

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