Monday, January 27, 2014

Is this real life?

It is so cold!  They huddle in the tricee to keep warm

Dear family,
            Things are good. Real good. We had an awesome past week, and I am feeling so blessed. My companion is amazing, and I am learning so much from her. I feel like we have a really strong companionship, and we are working so hard here. I love work, I love my area, the branch, the leaders, our investigators, and our fellowshippers. This really might have been one of my favorite weeks, just because of all the work we were able to do. Our investigators are progessing and are preparing for baptism, and we continue to be blessed and we’ve found several new investigators.
This week we had our first splits of the cycle, and I absolutely love how it has changed and now the other sisters come to our area. It was such a good day of work. My companion was Sister Pavino who has been out for a month or two now on her mission. I was a little worried about the splits just because I’m still new here in Alicia and don’t know the area or the people that well yet, but we were blessed and everything went perfectly that day and we had a really good time. Sorry if my excitement is killing you, but… really I just get so pumped to go out and work every day haha. So much good is happening here, and it makes me way happy. My companion and I talked about how at the first of our missions we kind of had to put on the smile when we’d go out and work, but how now it really is just the normal and natural thing that happens.
Sisters in the ward exercising
Sister Stabenow leading the group in exercising
Our branch is doing well. We had a half day mission with the branch on Saturday and were able to find less actives, and also several new people along the way. Another thing that is really helping this branch is the Family Home Evenings that we have with less active families. The missionaries, the branch presidency, the BML, and several members from the branch usually attend. I love seeing this branch’s unity and desire to be a part of the Lord’s work of salvation. We have a ton of fun as well at our family home evenings, and you’ll be happy to know that the game of Roadkill is being spread all over the Philippines, and that my sign (moosay) in the game still hasn’t changed :)
Today marks my 10 month mark in the Philippines, and that is so crazy to me! It has been an awesome 10 months, but I am also excited seeing what the next few months have in store. I love my mission, love being a part of this, and I am so happy with all that is happening, the changes happening in other people’s lives as well as in my own. I know this is the Lord’s work and that we are so blessed to be members of this church. I know that He loves us so much and has a perfect plan for each one of us. I also know I am so blessed to have so much love and support from each of you. You’re all still in my prayers and I hope you know I love you and miss each of you. I hope you make this week a great one! Love you!

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