Monday, February 17, 2014

1/3 na lang

Dear Family, 
       Hope you all had a good week, loved hearing from you about all that happened this past week. A lot happened this past week, so I've got lots of pictures to send you. We had two splits this past week, celebrated my one year mark, and two of our investigators were baptized! It was a busy and productive week. I can see so much good happening here right now, and we've got such great investigators right now, so I'm excited to see them progress. 
      Our splits this week were back to back and were so fun. I first went with Sister Funaki who is from Tonga, she is absolutely hilarious and we had such a good day together, and such a good companionship study. For the next one I was with Sister Atienza who is tiny :) and on her second cycle right now. We had another really good day of work and ended it by getting some take out at Jollibee and eating it back at the apartment (picture). I love these sisters here in Alicia. We all get along so well. They all came over again on Thursday and we had lunch to celebrate my one year before we headed out to work. I cooked us some bilo bilo :) 
 Friday of course was valentines day. They do celebrate it here, but i don't think they do as much as we do back home. We had our coordination meeting that night with our Branch Mission Leader, and when we drove by we saw a ton of people at Jollibee that night. So that might be "the thing" here for Valentines day. 

MJ and Jonathans Baptism
On Saturday we had a baptism for MJ and Jonathan who come from a part member family. We've been teaching them since I got here, they were SO cute and ready for their baptism. Sunday was also really great seeing so many investigators at church, we had really good lessons in our classes at church, and it was just a really great day. We worked over in Callao yesterday which is SO beautiful. We taught our recent converts and their friends (our new investigators). They are awesome, our recent converts are way excited about missionary work and continue to bring their friends to church. We then visited one of our investigators who is way cool. He's been reading the Book of Mormon like trazy, and then a couple weeks ago we gave him a copy of the Liahona from the last general conference and now he's reading through all of that, and whenever we go visit we ask him to share about what he read. I always learn something from what he shares with us. I love seeing how the gospel is changing him and helping him, he is more determined now to be a good husband and father. His testimony is growing, and I hope I'm still in this area to see him be baptized when that day comes. Lots of good happened this week, and I'm looking forward to see what will happen this week as well. Can't believe this cycle is almost over, i'm really really hoping that there won't be a transfer for me and my companion quite yet. I love what a hard worker she is! 
      So yep, it has been a little over a year now. So much good has happened to my life within the past year. It has been challenging and hard at times, but the good things that happen out weigh it all and I'm so happy with all that I've learned. So weird to think that there is only one third of it left. I'm going to enjoy the rest of my time here in this little paradise, I know this time of my life is only here once, so I will keep enjoying everything about this experience here. I hope you have a great week. I love this work and I love each of you!
Sister Stabenow


All the Sisters in Alicia

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