Monday, February 10, 2014

Si Kwan

I think this picture says it all!  She is so Happy!

Hey Family,
Another really great week of work here in Alicia! I am sending lots of pictures of things from the week :) It was a busy week, and we got a lot done, so  let’s see where to start… On Monday night last week we had dinner with a sweet family from the Alicia 1 branch, I had met them before from splits months ago, so it was great to see them all again. We had our missionary Leadership Council meeting, where I got to see my Nanay, Sister Manguil, for the last time. The meeting was great, I always feel like we are taught the things I need at that exact time. President Rahlf taught us about revelation through prayer and Sister Rahlf taught us about unity. She talked about the strengths of triangles, especially how they are used in bridges, which first made me think back to my days of building my bridge in physics class. Ha, then she talked about how that is like our unity, when you’ve got two people focused on one common goal they can be strong. Tomorrow we will be teaching these things that we learned with our zone at our zone meeting tomorrow. I’m excited to be teaching about unity in our companionships. I am really thankful for all that I have learned about unity here from each of the companions that I have been given.
Saying Good-bye to her Trainer Sister Manguil who will leave this month!

This week we went on splits with the Sisters from our apartment, so that made things nice and easy haha. It was great, the new American sister, Sister Spencer and I got to go on splits together. I was way impressed with how well she is doing, and I was happy to see her good attitude and excitement about this work. She is a hard worker and is so good to just go with the flow of missionary life.

Jonalyn's Baptism

On Saturday our investigator Jonalyn was baptized! President and Sister Rahlf came to the baptism too. Everything came together and it was a special day. That same day, this group of students interviewed me for their school project. So we had them come to the chapel, we gave them a tour and then had the interview, then they gave me lots of fruit. Good deal if you ask me haha.
Sister Stabenow with the student who interviewed her.
Once again I just have to say how great it is to be here serving in this Branch. They take such good care of us and are helpful in our work! Well I hope you all have an awesome week, do something this week for any missionaries that you know, they’ll love it :) I hope you guys have a great week! I’ll be celebrating my one year mark on Thursday! Can’t believe it! Well, love and miss you all!
-          Sister Stabenow

Eating some sort of Shell food

Playing games is always fun!

Having Dinner with some Members
Sister Stabenow and Sister Broqueza

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