Monday, February 24, 2014

Staying in Alicia!

The cycle is ending this week and I am happy to say there are no transfers for me or my companion! It was such a relief finding out that I will get to stay here for at least another cycle! 
This past week was awesome :) On Tuesday we had our quarterly interviews with President and Sister Rahlf. I always love getting to spend a few minutes with them. After the interviews we started our splits with the Sisters from Jones, Sister Fanugao, and her anak, Sister Vi. I was with Sister Vi for the day and it was awesome. She is from Tonga and is so sweet! We were laughing and smiling all day long out working. Ha the Sisters from Jones were also thrilled that we actually had a dinner appointment that night in our area so they got to join in. 
    There seemed to be a theme this week in our work. I felt like we kept hearing over and over from different women about the bad relationships they are in and the sad things that have happened in their life as a result. It was way sad hearing all of those things, and how I just wish they would accept the gospel in their lives and realize that they don't have to live a life like that. But the week ended perfectly as we visited our investigators last night who are really embracing the gospel. The wife was so happy and talked about how this has been an answer to her prayers that she has been been praying for for a long time. I am so happy to be staying here a little longer to get to see their progress continue, hopefully a wedding and then a baptism in the near future! I am so thankful for what the gospel does, it is truly the answer for any struggle in life and especially it is what each family needs. I'm so happy that I get to be here sharing this message! I love the gospel, and I love being a missionary! Hope you all have a wonderful week, and Dad and Kelsey I hope your birthday is awesome! 
Love you all,
Sister Stabenow


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