Monday, March 3, 2014

Be an Amulek!

Their sweet investigator family!

So many good things to tell you about this week!!! I will start with the most exciting, our investigators told us that they want to get married and baptized this month!!! We are so incredibly happy for them. We rode home in the tricey that night with the biggest smiles on our faces! I am just so happy seeing them accept the gospel and I can just picture them going to the temple together one day to be sealed as a family forever! We are working to help them get plans and papers worked out as well as the date. Also great news, our 17 year old investigator also decided this week that he is also feeling ready and wants to be baptized! I'm way excited for him also thinking of what the gospel can do for his future, hopefully he'll serve a mission :) 
Sister Stabenow and Sister Rahlf
Alicia district had their district conference this past weekend, so on Saturday afternoon while President Rahlf had meetings to be at, Sister Rahlf came and worked with Sister Broqueza and I. So she drove us out to our beautiful area in Callao where we introduced her to our family of investigators, taught them a lesson, and then took her to visit our recent converts and also a less active member. We loved having her come and work with us for the day, and I loved getting to hear her sweet testimony that she shared for each of these people we love. The district conference was so great and full of awesome messages. 
And what made it even just that much better.... I got to see the members from Jones that were able to come on Sunday morning!!! And that includes our cute investigator Marinella, 14 years old from Jones, that Sister Daelo and I were able to start teaching before we were transferred. She will be getting baptized this next Saturday, so i might be able to go to Jones and see her get baptized! One of the messages from district conference was given by President Rahlf and was about unity between missionaries and members. He shared about Alma in his work as a missionary, and how he couldn't have done it without Amulek (Alma 10). Amulek went to everyone he knew to tell them that what Alma was saying was true, and that made all the difference. Well I'm happy to say that we have our very own Amulek here in our work. Haha, and that is our investigator, the one that wants to be married and baptized. He is always going to his neighbors and telling about us and asking them if they want us to teach them too. So yesterday we met two new families of referrals that live close by to them. They want to hear our message and we are very excited to get to teach them! We are so happy and so blessed here in our work! I love this gospel and this special message that we have to share with families! I love you and miss you and hope you have a great week and can find ways to be an Amulek! 
Sister Stabenow
Twin Sisters!

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