Monday, March 10, 2014

First Time for Everything!

Dear Family, 
This will probably be a short letter for a long week. Haha. It was a long week dealing with being sick for the first time in my whole mission. I'm lucky it has only happened this once. But yeah, not feeling great, but I've got Sister Rahlf checking in on and taking care of me here. So I should be back to normal in no time hopefully. Also since you asked Dad, no we don't do anything here in the Philippines with daylight savings. so my time hasn't ever changed since I've been here. 
So, this week had it's ups and downs. We are realizing it is going to take a little bit longer before some baptisms can happen because of word of wisdom stuff, but I know that the time will come for them and that makes me happy. I can still see the progress happening and I'm glad it will all happen once they are very prepared. We had splits this past week and I was with Sister Tenepere (who also lives in our apartment), she and I had a really good day together and I'm sure we were a funny sight with us two teaching and coughing all day together. One great thing this past week was getting to go to Cauayan for our MLC meeting. It was good seeing friends and catching up, but it was also weird now that my Nanay (Sister Manguil) wasn't there for this one since she's already home. Time is going by so fast. I loved what we learned from President and Sister Rahlf at the meeting, and I am seeing more and more how these things I'm learning here will bless and change my life in so many ways especially when I'm back home. Tomorrow we'll have our zone meeting and we'll get to teach these things now to the other missionaries in our zone :) Even though I had a scratchy voice I still felt like we had some really good lessons this week :) my companion and I are really learning to work together well, and I love learning new things and having my own testimony strengthened by the things that are taught. We've got a new family of investigators that came to church this past week and we are really excited for them, they are such sweet parents to their kids and they seem very excited about the Book of Mormon. My testimony continues to grow and time and time again be confirmed about the Book of Mormon. It was great getting to finish it yesterday in English, and just in time for our mission's 60 day power read that will start this week. I'm still working on reading it in Tagalog right now which is taking some time, but I am really loving it. :) I love the Book of Mormon and am so happy seeing it continue to bless my own life and especially bless the lives of others as they encounter it for the first time. Hope you all have a great week, thanks for all the love and emails :) You guys are the best! Love you!
- Sister Stabenow

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