Monday, March 24, 2014

Haan ka madanagan, agsubli ak

Dear Family, 
       It was another good week. This week we had two really great splits. For the first one we went with the sisters from Jones, and I was with Sister Fanugao for the day, who is also my batch. The next splits was with a couple of the Sisters from Echague, and I was with Sister Davis. I laughed my head off all day with her as my companion, and we just had such a good day working together and had a fun time with our American humor. It was such a good and needed splits!
     On Thursday night we were able to have our family home evening with the cute families that we are teaching out in Callao. They really enjoyed the games and it was fun seeing them all enjoying it. I will have to teach you all the ting ting game and the kotchara/ tinidor game :)

Sister Davis and Sister Stabenow
      It is harvesting time here in the Philippines so everyone is out working in their golden fields, and I'm thinking it is just about harvest time here for us in our area too. We were able to see some good progress this week with our investigators and I'm really excited for them. We have several investigators out in Callao, and so much is about to happen in that area! I love seeing their testimonies grow as well as their desire to be baptized. And because of the good examples and changes that have happened for our recent converts, and members and investigators in that area, even more people want to know the gospel and are welcoming us in to teach them. 
       We are still doing our 60 day read of the Book of Mormon, and yesterday part of our reading was in Jacob 5 about the Olive Tree Allegory. I loved it. It meant so much more to me this time as I really understood it more as a missionary. I'm so glad I'm here learning the things I'm learning and finally involving myself more in the Lord's work.

    One quick story before I end this.. last night we were walking back to a members house to drop our  fellowshippers off, we had to walk down this way dark path right by the irrigation (rivers on both sides of the path) and all we had was the little flashlight on our cell phone that I was using. It didn't take long to realize there were frogs all over the path which got me yelling a little bit, haha but then... I heard something moving in the water and shined the flashlight over to see what it was. Well I learned something from that experience, that kalabaw (caribou) get really scared by flashlights at night time. haha the kalabaw started freaking out and so did we! haha so we all ended up running and just laughing our heads off. It was a funny end to our week :) Oh I love my life here. Well that is all for this week. I love you all and am so thankful for each of you. Congrats to Brooke and Dylan, and thanks for sending pictures! Mahal ko kayo! 
- Sister Stabenow

Riding in a Jeepney!

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