Monday, March 31, 2014


Hello Family,
 Well, I had a "bad experience" this past week, that was too funny not to share. We were getting back to the apartment with the other sisters, and I felt something hit me, and I thought that one of the Sisters had jokingly thrown something so i looked back but then just ignored it. We got inside and were talking and Sister Tenepere looks at me, her eyes got big and she just starts pointing at my hair. I didn't believe her at first, but once there was a second witness, Sister Broqueza, I knew it wasn't a joke. They mouthed the word LIZARD! So i whip off my jacket, and my sweater and shake out my hair from the ponytail and of course I'm just yelling! They grabbed my jacket from the floor, shook it out, and out runs a big fatty lizard. And by that point i'm in the kitchen standing on a chair still screaming/laughing and on the verge of tears. They were all screaming and laughing with me. haha I HATE LIZARDS and I HATE that they live in our houses too. So after that I had to immediately go and take a shower, I was so grossed out. 
   Haha but asides from that... It was a really good week with lots of good things that happened. One of those really good things was our Sisters Specialized Training that we had this past Wednesday up in Cauayan. It was all about womanhood and good women in the gospel. The Rahlfs and the senior sisters all had such good messages for us. My companion and I also celebrated our 1 year in the mission field this past Thursday :) Can't believe it has been a whole year in the Philippines! For our splits this past week I got to work with Sister Barney, it was a great time and we had lots of fun out working and swapping fun stories. So, I am loving Sundays more and more here. We were so happy seeing our investigators at church. We've got a baptism coming up on April 19th for our investigators Jen and Rocky and I am very excited (hopefully I'll still be here!)- It is so fun seeing them accept the gospel and especially get into reading the Book of Mormon. It has been a busy P-day so I'll have to keep this short. I'll let you know next week whether I'll be transferred or not! Love you all! Have a great week, and enjoy conference! 
- Love Sister Stabenow
1 year in the mission field!

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