Monday, March 17, 2014

The Things I Love!

Dear Family,
Sweet! Sister Stabenow and Sister Spencer!
Much better week! I am now feeling better and back to normal. I am so happy as we are out working and I'm healthy and feeling okay. I was feeling good enough to have our splits on Wednesday, so I got to work with Sister Brown. It was just such a fun and happy day together, and I felt like it was such a boost getting to talk with her and share our excitement with each other about this work and the good things that are happening. She is a new trainer right now and she is doing awesome with her anak. On Thursday this week one of our investigators totally broke our hearts and told us that he won't be joining the church any more, it was a really difficult conversation for all of us to have. We know he still has the desire but is just discouraged because of a word of wisdom problems he has. We'll try and continue to visit him and encourage him. We both think of him as our little brother, so we really are concerned about him right now. 
This week I hit another month mark on the mission. They keep happening so quickly haha. Then on Saturday my companion, Sister Broqueza hit her one year mark on her mission, so we celebrated with some yummy mango float that I made. There was also a relief society activity on Saturday and we stopped by for a minute to see how our investigators were doing. It was a funny activity of a bunch of ladies in high heels having a fashion show haha. But they all seemed to really enjoy it. And... I got to see members from Jones that were there, so it was way fun to catch up with them. 
Sunday was really good, Sister Spencer and I gave talks in sacrament, without much notice before hand, but it went well. It was such a great sight being up on the stand and seeing two of our families of investigators there. We love these families and are so happy seeing them accept the gospel. We have a family home evening with them this next week that we are so excited for. Once again, I'll just say I love this branch. There are so many things to be thankful for and so many things that I love. This time is short here and continues to go faster and faster, and just as our mission song goes "we won't have this time again." This truly is a special time and special experience. I feel so blessed to be where I am, doing what I am doing. Thank you guys for being so incredibly supportive, I love and miss each of you! 
- Sister Stabenow

Splits with Sister Brown

Happy 1 year mark Sister Broqueza

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