Monday, May 26, 2014

Dear Family,

Fun Games!
     So after lots of packing and lots of hard goodbyes I’m now here in my 4th and final area- Santiago :) My new companion is Sister Maestrado (My-Straw-Dough) haha just if you want to know the right pronunciation. This is her last cycle which means I’ll be the one to “kill” her in the mission. She is great and so sweet! We’ve already been pretty busy here with a few things, apartment checks, a CSP, a church tour that our ward put on and that we helped with, and of course working and me getting to know the people and the area. We’ll have splits coming up this week, so I need to get ready for that first. Even though I wasn’t expecting the transfer and even though I really am missing our investigators from Alicia I can tell that the transfer was exactly what I needed. I am loving being here and applying the great things that I’ve learned from my past few cycles in Alicia with Sister Broqueza. Really this past week being here I’ve realized how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve grown. I must be old here in the mission, cause I feel like I’ve got a pretty good hang of being a missionary. I am loving it here and am going to really enjoy these last two cycles. My ward so far seems great and they seem very excited and enthusiastic about missionary work, telling us all about the people that they are preparing right now to give to us as referrals. So we could possibly have a few new families to be teaching here in the new future. We definitely need to get a good teaching pool going here, so there is a lot to do, but I’m way excited for it. Everything is so new right now here but I’m excited to get to know everyone. The sisters that we are living with right now seem really great too. Oh and if I didn’t mention it already, I’m living in a dream house. Ha I didn’t know that apartments like this existed in the mission, and we’re way close to everything, I feel blessed. 

Saying good-bye in Alicia!
   So hopefully this next week I’ll have a bit more to tell you about my new area. But for now, some updates on my old area- Saturday was Jen’s baptism! And even though I didn’t get to be there for it I’m way happy for her and excited to see what is up ahead for her. She wants to serve a misison, and I know she’d do a great job. The couples out in Callao are doing great as well and it was super hard saying goodbye to them. I’m also excited for them, knowing that some baptisms will be coming up for them. It was also way sad saying goodbye to one of our investigators (my little brother here), but once again I’m so happy for him and proud of the good decisions that he is making and I don’t doubt that it wont be long before he is baptized as well. I’m just typing this and realizing how many miracles I’ve been blessed to see in these past months, and it is hard to explain how happy it makes me. People can change :) We can do hard things, because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love being here, I know my life has been eternally blessed by these amazing experiences and amazing people I have met and grown with here in my mission. … and, I’m glad that I’ve still got a bit more time to learn and grow! Hope you all have a great week! Love and miss you!
- Sister Stabenow

Service in Santiago!  Her new area
Sister Stabenow and her new Companion Sister Maestrado

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