Monday, May 19, 2014

Guess What!

Well I'll start with the transfer news....... I'm being transferred! My companion was SO sure that she'd be the one transferred, so I was really shocked this morning when my name was on the transfer list. I guess I have some saying goodbye to do and LOTS of packing to do before Wednesday. I think it is safe to say that I'm heading to my last area here on the mission, so my 4th area coming up and 3rd zone. 
    So since this was our last week as companions, Sister Broqueza and I decided to make it extra fun. So we went on several little running adventures this past week for our exercise time. One time to go and pick alatiris, another morning to this cool river and bridge, and for the last one we went pretty far and circled around our favorite area- Callao. 
Sister Davis & Sister Stabenow on splits
    This week we went on two splits. The first one I was with Sister Berghout (from Ogden), and it was a lot of fun getting to know her and work together and also hear from her about their work back in Jones. The next one was with Sister Davis, and it was so great, we have a lot of fun together and I'm pretty sure I was just smiling and laughing the whole day. She's awesome and it has been fun being in the same zone and seeing lots of growth for both of us. 
     On Saturday we had a one day mission with the branch, and it was great to see so much support, especially from the relief society here. It also made me so happy to see our awesome recent converts there- Rocky, Cesar, and Dennis. I can just imagine them going out and serving missions as well. But any who, for the one day mission we all went and visited those members who are off and on, and we saw the fruits of it on Sunday when several of them came to church! 
    The youth in our district had a camping trip this past week and went to the caves that us missionaries went to just a couple of weeks ago. Well, one of our investigators (JR) went and once they got back we went and followed up with him and he really enjoyed it, especially the testimony meeting, ha he said he wanted to get up and share as well, but got too nervous at that point. He is doing so well and is progressing towards his baptism. I will really miss teaching him and am hopeful that he will be baptized some day :) 
  Saturday was also Sister Spencer's birthday, so we made sure to eat yummy food and have fun. She and I had so much fun together and had as much missionary fun as possible- listening to our favorite church/efy songs haha, and lots of singing. Oh I'm going to miss her. She is getting transferred as well, we were both surprised and a little teary eyed this morning since we'll be leaving this great area. She and I were the speakers this past Sunday, ha and we didn't know it, but I guess that was our goodbye to them. After church we worked in Callao and our investigators are doing so great, I know they'll join the church. They've got some big ideas now for their lives- ha they even want their boy, little Rem Rem to serve a mission some day. And the other couple is doing so great too, they've got their baptism coming up in just a few weeks. There is something so great about teaching couples, they support and encourage each other as they are both making these difficult but important changes. Another of our awesome investigators, will have her baptism this Saturday- this little group of friends continues to grow as they share the gospel with their other friends. We're excited for these 4 best friends, all recent converts to be able to go hopefully this summer on the temple trip to Manila. 
    This has been a great area. I've grown and learned so much here and cannot wait to apply all that I've learned to my next area and companionship. I will miss this branch, I sat up on the stand this past week before my talk and just thought about how happy I've been here and how much I love these people here. It will definitely be a hard day saying goodbye this Wednesday to this area. I'm glad I was able to speak on Sunday and share my testimony with them. I ended with sharing a recent favorite scripture of mine in 3 Nephi 12:14-16. We are meant to be a light to those around us. We've got the gospel and that happiness can shine through us to those around us. I'm so thankful for the life I've been given, for the blessings that we have because of the restored gospel. It has been a great week, and I'm looking forward to another great one, full of lots of changes! I love you and hope you're all doing well! 
Sister Stabs

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  1. Hello Stabenow family! This a great blog!
    My daughter, Sister Hannah Spencer, has been serving with Sister Stanenow and I am very grateful for that. Please let Sister Stabenow know that we appreciate how she has helped Sister Spencer, and how she made my daughter's birthday special.
    Best wishes to your family!

    I love this blog!