Monday, May 5, 2014

Lucky Us!

Dear family, 
        Another good week here, it started out a little different, i had to rest a bit to take care of my big swollen foot, but now it has healed up and I'm good as new. We had a good CSP the other morning out in Angadanan (Elders Area), just cleaning up (weeding) at their high school- we had a ton of fun and had a good old missionary time listening to and singing along to some Saturday's Warriors music and other church stuff as we were out working. I have the best district here, we all have a lot of fun together. We also had splits this week and I was with Sister Spencer for the day :) lots of fun, good company, and it was so fun going with her... missionaries are really so blessed when it comes to learning a language. Seeing that growth in her is so exciting to me, she is doing so well :) We are having so much fun being in the same apartment and same branch.                                                                                     

       For more details from the week, my favortie area loves us too much, ha two of our appointments there on Sunday night both insisted on feeding us dinner, and then afterwards we had a scheduled dinner appointment still to go to, for a grand total of 3 dinners in one night! busog na busog! This morning our zone headed out for a little adventure and went to the Aglipay caves :) they were huge and nice and cool :) i'll send some pictures. 
    We are continuing to teach one of our awesome investigators (17 years old), he was supposed to be baptized already, but hasn't been able to work out his problems yet with word of wisdom. We've watched this struggle, and have just done our best to show our support and encouragement. He is now getting really serious about all of this, he's got a plan and a strong desire at this point, he even drew out his goal point, of him at the end smoke free and baptized. :) as we were about to leave the other day he had a question for us... he asked if he is the hardest person we have to teach. I just got a big smile on my face. We explained that every person had their own obstacles and hurdles to cross before being baptized, and that we know he can and will get there. We explained how much we enjoy teaching him and how my comp and I both see him as a little brother and see so much potential in him and that is why we continue to come back and teach him. He said the prayer before we left and was just very thankful that we are always there to support him and that we don't get tired of coming back and teaching him. I love being a missionary. 
     I loved your emails this past week especially where you talked about the work you're doing on family history. One of our recent converts just received a calling as a family history consultant for the branch, so we taught them about how important that work is. We were teaching three of our recent converts and one of our investigators and they were all paying close attention. The investigator commented on how he is even more excited to be baptized just realizing that so many more people will also be blessed by his decision. This guy has the best insights... he talked about how it was probably decided before that we would be the lucky ones to get to come to earth at this time where the fullness of the gospel has been restored, and how all of the previous generations that didn't have the opportunity to receive the blessings of the gospel are counting on us to accept the gospel and then do our part to help them. Once again, I love being a missionary, and being strengthened by the testimonies of those around me. 
     I hope you all have a good week! We've got an MLC meeting in Cauyan on Wednesday, probably splits on Thursday, and then we've got some fun plans for my birthday as well, so we'll see how it goes! Thanks for the emails, you guys are the best! Love you so much! 

Yummy Lunch!

Off to the Caves! 

 Fun Zone Activity
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