Monday, June 2, 2014

Basta, Patuloy, Patuloy, Patuloy

Sister Stabenow and  Sister Guttenbeil

Dear Family,
    It has been another good week here in Santiago. Still a bit of adjustment, but things are good. Once again I’ve been given a really great companion here on the mission. We both are kind of new here to the area and are excited to do what we can to strengthen and improve our area. We’ve got good goals and new ideas in mind of how to improve our work. It’s definitely an adventure. And even though I still don’t really know my area or the people we visit we had splits on Thursday this past week, and I got to work with Sister Guttenbeil who is from Tonga but has a German last name. She and I met a long time ago here in Santiago actually back when I was assigned in Jones. She is way sweet and it was a way good day together. She’s been in her area now for 6 cycles which is probably a record, and she’s been on splits before in my area, so she was probably more familiar with the area than I was and it was super helpful.
   This week we put a special emphasis on teaching and explaining to our investigators what our purpose is as missionaries. There are several people who’ve been taught for months and months and have finished all the lessons, but haven’t progressed at all, haven’t come to church. That was a huge concern to me, but it just proved how important commitments are as we teach, and how change and progress don’t just magically happen in our lives, it come through work and it comes through faith. We are really searching right now for those who are prepared and ready and waiting for the gospel to come into their lives. We don’t have too many active members in our area, but are working with what we have and this week they were definitely a blessing to our work.
   Even though I’ve been on a mission forever now haha, there is not an end to the challenges, whether they are personal or with the work. I am so thankful for the continued strength given to me. I am thankful for the things I am learning, and for the changes and growth that continue to happen. I’ll just say the poem that Brandon sent was perfect for this week.
    I am excited for these last couple of cycles where I can really give my very all, and be effective. I know these will be a very special few months up ahead and I cannot wait to see what will happen. Me and my companions theme- basta, patuloy, patuloy, patuloy. Which basically just means keep going! We get along really well and are happy for the small successes. There really is so much happiness in seeing a less active come back to church after a very long time and in seeing an investigator who’s been taught for over 8 months come to church for the first time. I’m thankful for the little things right now. We’ve got MLC this week in Cauayan and I cannot wait to go and learn from the Rahlf’s and also get to see several friends from the mission. Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the beach and Disneyland! Love and miss you all! Thanks for the emails and for being my best friends :)
-          Sister Stabenow

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