Monday, June 23, 2014


Dear Family,
Going out on Splits!

         This has been a busy and fun past week here in Santiago. One huge blessing this week was seeing the progress with some of our newer investigators, and receiving good referrals who are now are newest investigators. I love referrals! I feel so much better when I can see the excitement in our investigators as they come to know the gospel of Jesus Christ. Another huge blessing was seeing so many back at church yesterday who haven’t come for a very long time. It was a good week of work. We had two splits this past week. Both of which I really enjoyed and learned a lot from. We really are thankful to have them come and do splits with us, our area could definitely use the boost of having us all working there together. One big theme of this past week was unity. I’ve recognized how much it is needed, especially as sisters on the mission, and I love the unity that is within our apartment. We really all take care of each other and help one another out, and as a result we’re all happy :) I feel way blessed to be living with the sisters that I am right now. I have been reading over the talks from the past conference and one that was especially perfect this past week was the one by Bonnie L. Oscarson about Sisterhood. It was about how greatly unity is needed when it comes to building the kingdom of God. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my mission it is how much we need others in our lives to support one another, build each other up, learn from one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately to develop a Christ-like love. Really none of that would be possible all alone. I’m thankful for the people I’ve been blessed to have in my life, friends, family, companions, whether we have a lot in common or not so much. I’ve loved learning here on the mission that people don’t have to be like you in order to be liked by you. A good quote from the talk… “if there are barriers it is because we ourselves have created them.” Then she leaves a good invitation for us all, “I invite you to not only love each other more, but to love each other better.” I’m, trying to apply this more and also share it so that there will be a greater sense of unity and strength within our mission.

   Thank you for the prayers, they have been felt this past week and we have seen the blessings in our work. I know Heavenly Father listens and answers prayers and is so willing to give us what we are in need of if we’ll just ask and be willing to work and do our part. My companion and I were out walking around the other day in one of our further areas heading to an appointment after we’d just been punted, the streets were quiet and it was just a good time to think and have a little prayer in my heart. I feel like we’ve been going out doing our best and just said a little prayer basically saying that I know people are being prepared and are in need of our message, but the concern…. Where to find them? So I just asked if they would just talk to us, haha if I could just know where and who they are. So we walked on a bit and walked past this little house that I’ve passed by several times this past week, and I’ve just had a good feeling inside about it. Well this time, the Tatay was outside, I smile and wave to him and he smiles and waves back and says “Latter Day Saints?” well at this point I get a huge smile on my face! That’s not usually a response we get. So it turns out this man and his wife were taught years and years ago by some Elders, his wife and son were baptised, but he was not. We talked with him and realized that he knows quite a bit about the church. We will be going back this week to teach him and his wife who has been inactive for maybe ten years now. I’m so excited that our teaching pool is growing and that we are able to share this message with those who will hopefully accept it into their lives and progress and be blessed by the gospel. I love being a missionary and am so happy with the blessings happening in our work. My companion is going home next week, so on the 2nd I’ll find out who my last companion will be! This is crazy. I love you all and miss you! Have an awesome week! :)
-       Sister Stabenow

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