Sunday, July 6, 2014

Save the best for last…

Great friends from Alicia came to visit

 Last Cycle na! So I’ll fill you in on the past fun week I had here. Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Sister Maestrado, she then left us behind at the apartment and headed to Cauayan for all of the farewell stuff. It was sad to say goodbye! We will miss having her here. That day I worked with Sister Hirst and Sister Molisi and we had so much fun covering both areas and just laughing all day long together. On Wednesday we had transfer meeting. It was SO good to see some old friends and say goodbye to a few of them since that’s the last time I’ll be seeing them here. I had a feeling before about who my new companion might be, and I was right! I get to be comps with SISTER ILAGAN :) It’s only been a few days together as comps, but already we are way close and are having so much fun working together and getting to know each other. She is an awesome missionary and I feel like I’ve learned so much from her already.
Having a good 4th of July!
            Glad to hear that you had a good 4th of July, I loved seeing the pictures. We found our own ways to celebrate it here and make it a fun day. Pancakes, watermellon, and rootbeer floats :)
 Our work has also been good this past week, Sister Ilagan has been getting to know our investigators and members here.  Our investigators this week are doing good. We are teaching this awesome sister named May, I can totally see her testimony growing, and she said she feels really good about what we're teaching and feels like it is all true. Her husband is always gone and busy with work but is supportive and says its a good thing that she is doing having the missionaries come teach her. One problem is that they aren't married yet, so that's a big obstacle. We are going to try and find a time where we can hopefully teach her husband as well. We also have another investigator who is really interested. She opened up to us about abuse and problems with in her family. They aren’t married yet either, but she has 3 little kids and is currently 6 months pregnant. She can see the hope of the gospel though, and loves how she feels when we come and teach. She wants to give her children a better life. We also have this cool tatay investigator, who knows so much already about the church it blows me away haha, like where joseph smith was killed, who Gordon B. Hinckley is, etc. We love teaching him. My comp is new here but has been doing a good job at getting to know these people, gaining their trust, and making them feel comfortable. I know this will be a great cycle together. And I’m pretty sure they saved the best cycle for last :) This will be a busy 6 weeks with all that is scheduled and planned, especially with meetings, but we are excited and are going to make the most of it. I feel like I’m going to blink and it will all be over. I’m just going to make the most of it and enjoy this time left here. I’ve been so happy here and feel like the real test is coming up- if I’ll now apply all these things I’ve learned the past year and a half to life when I get home.
            One very special thing from the week- yesterday my sweet friends from Alicia came to our ward here in Santiago to see me. I loved seeing them again, and I’m so thankful that I’ve been so blessed to have made such amazing friends here on the mission. I am doing well and can’t wait to see what good things are up in store this cycle. I love you and miss you all! Take care!
-       Sister Stabenow

Sister Spencer and Sister Stabenow

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