Monday, July 21, 2014

Catching up

Dear Family,
I’ll try and catch you up a bit on the last couple of weeks. We had a great time in Cauayan last week aside from me being sick and not able to eat much at that point. Our meetings were great and my comp and I were way excited to be staying over at the mission home. Me and a couple other sisters were there preparing for a lesson we’d be teaching the next day to the new sisters training leaders, and we talked about all these concerns we have about how to make a few things more effective- our splits and companionship study. We combined ideas and then President Rahlf came and listened to what we had to say and agreed with the changes that we’d like to see made. It was really fun to just sit in as a group and see how President really valued what we had to say. Now there have been some really great changes taking place and it has helped our work so much. I’ve really enjoyed the past couple of splits trying out the new way we are doing it. Ha all of these changes are so helpful, and sadly happening at the very last second of my mission, but hey better late than never.
My trip last week was fun, but I was SO happy to be back in Santiago with my companion. It was so weird staying in Manila that night alone without a companion. There was lots of good food in Manila and shopping, but I sat there at the end of the day by ocean realizing that adventures are fun and all, but what really matters are the people you’re with. So yeah I was happy to get back to these sisters that I love and I’ll be very excited as well to get back to the family that I love so much.
We’ve had some great things happening in our work, with more less actives returning now to church and coming consistently. The ward is getting more involved in our work and it is such a blessing when that happens. We are seeing progress with our investigators we just need to get over the obstacle of them not coming to church yet. But I know we’ll get there. We’ve been even more prepared for our work these past couple weeks really applying the changes that have been made. We have had really great experiences with our lessons and it is the happiest feeling walking away knowing that the spirit was there guiding us the whole time. It’s been really rainy the past few days, so we usually come home wet, with muddy feet, but happy and just enjoying this work. We love being missionaries. This is such a great end to the mission and I’m so glad it has become what I hoped it would be. Happy Birthday this week to Mom and Alyssa! I love you guys and can’t wait to see you all soon!
-          Sister Stabenow

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