Monday, August 11, 2014


Well worn and ready to come home!

Dear Family,
       Well, like we always sing here in the Philippines, “The time is far spent, there is little remaining” and it looks like my time is just about up here. None of this feels real yet, but I think once all is packed and done it’ll start to hit me, and I’ll start to reflect more about what really has just happened in the last 18 months of my life. There are lots of sad goodbyes still up ahead these next few days, but I am excited to see you all so soon! Like I said this hasn’t really sunk in yet, and it’s because life is still busy here.  This past week we had another wonderful MLC in Cauayan, I love being surrounded by such good people, the Rahlfs and the senior couples here are all SO great. We had one last splits this past Thursday and I got to spend the day with Sister Howard who’s from Vegas. We both enjoyed and needed splits that day and were able to learn a lot from each other. One success from the week was our Ward Home Evening that we put on this past Friday night, we had a lot of fun with it, and were so happy to see so many people that we are teaching come and enjoy themselves. Sorry I’m going to keep this kind of short for now since there is still much to be done today. But I do want to share one story from our work. We have been teaching a woman named Jamaica for just the past couple of weeks, and I LOVE getting to go and teach her. She asks the best questions and is SO interested and excited about learning the gospel. Well we taught her last Tuesday about Joseph Smith and the Restoration and invited her to pray about it. We went back on Thursday and were disappointed because she wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t get to teach. Well we returned again on Saturday and she explained what happened. She told us that that night after we left she decided to really pray about it, she explained her sweet and simple prayer to us, she prayed and asked if God is there, and if He is our father. And she said- if you are our father, will you help me to know you are there and will you help me to overcome my smoking problem. (we’ve still not taught her about the Word of Wisdom even yet). Well that night she began to get sick and was sick for about 4 days, and she said that ever since that night she can’t stand the smell any more of cigarette smoke, and she hasn’t smoked since. She recognizes the blessing coming into her life right now and she’s very thankful for it. She says they even seem happier now and she feels more love within their family. I LOVE getting to teach the gospel and see it change and bless lives. It is really just the best feeling. I walked around that day with a huge smile on my face just so happy. The gospel is true, it is the very thing that these people are in need of. I totally took for granted what I had growing up, but because of the experiences I’ve had here, I now treasure what a huge blessing the gospel is, and what it has done for our family. I am eternally thankful for this chance I had to come here to serve others and that I was able to learn and grow myself as well. I’ll keep this short and save the rest for another day. I love you all, thank you for being the greatest support to me! I truly am so blessed. Love you, and see you soon!

Sister Stabenow
Her Last District in the Philippines

Sisters in her Apartent

Us with the Sebastian family